Continuing from the previous blog, Ed Keenan, head of process at Integrated Food Projects shares further predictions for the food and drink industry in 2020.

This second part will cover not only food trends derived from taste preferences, but also some products which are increasing in popularity as a result of environmental issues and the consumer’s emotional impact:

  • 11. Protein from air – This will hit next year if all goes to plan. Gas fermentation could have a huge impact on the way we eat, the environment, and the future in general – it’s going to be interesting to see how food manufacturers develop their products using this.
  • 12. Culinary centrifuge – From clarified consommés to pea butters, expect to see a variety of new products hit the shelves and menus that have been derived through this technique.
  • 13. Argan oil – You’ve probably seen this ingredient listed on beauty products, but this oil has another use – a culinary one. Due to its cardio-protective properties, it is desirable to add to food, but because argan oil is a rarity and is difficult to extract, it is extremely expensive.
  • 14. Healthy ageing – A new emerging market is the healthy ageing sector, foods specifically aimed healthy ageing. This is similar to what we’ve seen with the make-up and beauty sector, but attitudes are changing, so for those who wish to embrace their ageing, these products will be of increased interest.
  • 15. Plastic-free local high street shops – Although supermarkets are trialling plastic free aisles, I think it’s the high-street that could really benefit from this movement. Actively encouraging customers to reduce their plastic consumption is on the agenda for all retailers, so this is only set to increase in 2020.
  • 16. Anxiety-reducing foods – As the nation becomes much more aware of mental health issues, non-medical ways of curbing those living with these conditions. Foods which help to curb anxiety such as passion flower extract are set to become more popular next year.
  • 17. Gut activity – I mentioned fermented food and fibre six months ago [link], which are both related to gut activity. In addition, awareness of how our day-to-day food intake shapes our gut microbiota is ever-increasing. This trend has continued to grow and I can see the gut-health category booming as we head into next year.
  • 18. Hunger suppression – We understand that protein keeps us fuller for longer, and we know that miso soup reduces hunger, so as the nation strives to be healthier and loose weight, I think hunger-suppressing foods will be a trend for next year.
  • 19. Buckwheat – This low cost seed will see an increase in popularity due to its health benefits and the fact it makes a fantastic porridge for those looking for a healthy breakfast alternative. For other meals, it also makes a great alternative to rice.
  • 20. Nattō – A traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto. It’s an acquired taste but full of health benefits, so perhaps we will see Nattō included in everyday products, but masked beneath other strong flavours such as chocolate.

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