Press release

Integrated Food Projects (IFP), which provides independent advice to food and drink businesses has been acquired by Danish consulting engineering company, NIRAS. The acquisition strengthens NIRAS’ position within the UK and international food and beverage sector and enables it to provide a full range of consulting and engineering services to the industry.

As part of the transaction, NIRAS is also acquiring IFP Group subsidiaries SDA Design Consultants (SDA) and IFP Construction, which will bolster the businesses UK design and construction capability.

The IFP Group acquisition secures NIRAS a leading position among independent advisors to the food and beverage industry in the United Kingdom.

Philip Chatfield, IFP CEO, commented: “The new collective team within IFP, SDA, IFP Construction and NIRAS can now draw on a wider set of expertise which adds further dimensions to the services we offer. We will continue to operate as The IFP Group, and will be looking to expand the team here in the UK in the coming months – by joining NIRAS we have significantly strengthened our position within in the British and European food and beverage sector.”

IFP enhances NIRAS’ capabilities 

The integration of the IFP Group enhances NIRAS’ business change and supply chain strategic capability, as well as civil capabilities around design and delivery of food facilities. The IFP Group has built a strong client portfolio within the food and beverage sector over the last 20 years and has worked extensively in recent years in the dynamic plant-based sector.

“We are delighted with the acquisition as we believe our clients will benefit from the new combined business capabilities,” said Thomas B. Olsen, senior vice president, NIRAS.

“The expertise of the companies complement each other, and we can now offer our clients a comprehensive package of food business consulting, as well as advanced technical engineering solutions within the food and beverage industry.”

The acquisition provides the IFP management team with the ability to continue to grow the business and deliver on its ambition of developing the business internationally, whilst better supporting its clients with a wider range of services.

Complete end-to-end solutions

For NIRAS, incorporating the IFP Group into its business means that the company can diversify and improve its services for the British food and beverage industry.

Thomas B. Olsen added:

“For NIRAS and the IFP Group this means that we can offer complete end-to-end solutions and effectively become a one-stop consultancy for the British food and beverage sector.”


Integrated Food Projects have partnered with Kettleby Foods on a number of high-profile multi-million pound capital projects since 2003/4, helping the business to develop and grow. Throughout that time they have provided cost-effective and efficient solutions on development projects both at our existing ready meals production facility and also in creating a new satellite facility. The projects at our existing facility were managed without impact on our ability to service our own clients, and all projects have been delivered within budget, in a timely fashion and to the requisite standards of safety and quality. Their team work ethos and professional approach ensure successful projects and I would utilise Integrated Food Projects in the future without hesitation.

- Jarrod Thorndyke, Production Director

I have worked with Integrated Food Projects on many capital expenditure projects since 2004, the latest being the development of the new plot of land adjacent to our main site. They successfully employed a project delivery process to ensure the integration of a leased modular building solution with the development of the site infrastructure to improve logistics and Health and Safety. Their staff are always positive and enthusiastic and have fostered a team-work approach ensuring another successful project delivered. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

- Engineering Manager, Major UK Ready Meals Manufacturer