Occupational Health & Safety

Optimising business and employee performance.

Occupational Health & Safety can not only help you meet business requirements and best practice guidelines, but also optimise your business and staff performance. It’s a cost-effective technique that has proven results. 

By using compliance audits and behavioural study programmes, Occupational Health & Safety can assess your current state of safety performance and workforce wellbeing to implement changes that will improve your organisation and optimise its performance.

Compliance audits have the potential to reduce accidents and ill health, which not only minimises the risk of costs and lost time but also improves the morale of your staff. With the addition of a behavioural study, which identifies unproductive and unsafe behaviours and sets out ideas for positive behaviour modification, Occupational Health & Safety can be highly effective in promoting health, safety and productivity optimisation.


Occupational Health & Safety

Operational Excellence

Establishing long-term operational improvement.

The continuous improvement and optimisation of your business is achieved by implementing a model of improvement aimed at establishing a long-term change in the organisational culture of your business. This model is known as Operational Excellence.

It concerns every individual, regardless of level, within your company understanding the end goals of your optimisation and recognising the effective flow that works towards achieving them. When this is so, the flow of progress is continuously maintained without the involvement of management.

We help to implement management and engineering excellence in order to achieve Operational Excellence for your organisation, aiding to emphasise the value of problem-solving and teamwork across the leadership to inspire employees and continually improve the existing processes and activities of the business.

Continuous Improvement

Long-term streamlining and optimisation.

The ongoing improvement of your products, processes and services is an essential way of giving your business competitive advantage whilst ensuring that your business remains agile and responsive in the face of industry change. 

Effective Continuous Improvement requires a structured approach. We firstly identify opportunities for change. We then plan how this change can be achieved in constant, incremental stages. The plan is then executed, and we finally conduct a review. If the change was successful it will be implemented and continued on a larger scale. We also emphasise the involvement of employees, teamwork, and the streamlining and systemisation of processes. 

The Continuous Improvement we design for your business will be aligned to your business objectives and strategy and may also enable health and safety and OpenX improvements.

Continuous Improvement
  • Produce World

    Produce World

    A £3.6 million project with a 36 week programme aiming to separate existing processes to meet demand and allow the factory to run more efficiently.

    Produce World’s mission is to provide fresh produce supply chains for selected partners in retail and the food industry services. As one of the largest vegetable growers in Europe, Produce World receive, store, grade, wash and pack potatoes for Waitrose and The Cooperative supermarkets.

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  • Samworth Brothers

    Samworth Brothers

    The construction of a new facility at one of Samworth Brothers’ existing sites was a £4.5 million project with a 34 week programme.

    The award-winning Samworth Brothers group includes nationally renowned businesses such as Ginsters and Soreen. The constant evolution and expansion of the business is testament to Samworth Brothers’ commitment to the continuous improvement of not just of their business but also the products and service they provide to their customers.

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  • Kettleby Foods

    Kettleby Foods

    A £2.5 million project set over 32 weeks saw the development and extension of an existing factory to facilitate business expansion.

    Established by award-winning food manufacturers Samworth Brothers in 1999, Kettleby Foods produces a range of high quality chilled ready meals to major retailers across the UK. Since production began with a range of just 11 pies, Kettleby Foods’ operations have since expanded to exceed over 120 products made from the finest ingredients and to the highest standards.

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  • Charlie Bigham

    Charlie Bigham

    A project undertaking improvements and enhancements at the Charlie Bigham site at Park Royal in northwest London.

    Inspired by founder Charlie’s travels, the Charlie Bigham range of fresh ready meals are created for couples with busy schedules who still want to eat delicious, authentic food. Designed in double portions, the business has built up a strong brand that has won several awards and is stocked across leading retailers and online supermarkets.

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