Feasibility & Design Studies

Assessing Your Business Venture.

A feasibility study assesses the practicality of your plan and evaluates how best to deliver your project goals. It is a very worthwhile investment to make before embarking on a new project. Using expertise and critical thinking, we produce an entirely independent, well-considered document that examines the concept, equipment, cost, time frame and programme in sufficient detail to inform investment decisions. 

A feasibility study can also be a crucial document for securing funding. It allows both clients and their funding sources to know what the project will look like, how much it will cost and what it will deliver in great detail. 

Business justifications are another important document worth securing to assess the impact of the project on the business. By pulling together all of the critical thinking of the feasibility study, a business justification answers crucial questions such as when a return will be seen on the investment, the level of risk, and whether it will give the business competitive advantage in the market. Our independent analysis presents the facts in a totally unbiased manner, which results in a trusted and impactful document. 

Feasibility & Design Studies<br />

Current & Future State Modelling

Calculating How To Achieve Your Future Aims.

Once our clients outline their project aims, we begin to plan how we will help them to achieve these. To do this, we create a model that considers the process, the required ingredients, the time scale and the techniques. This model will devise how to achieve the desired end result by setting out facts and numbers based on current operations and future projections. 

We firstly establish the current state of client products, processes and demand. We then consider the future demand and the necessary process improvements and potential constraints surrounding the proposed project. Where explicit detail is unavailable, we are skilled at making reasoned assumptions so that progress can continue uninhibited. 

By comparing the current state to the future state, we can define business objectives, identify areas that need improvement and scope out the necessary changes. We can then prescribe scenarios for the future state of products, processes, and demand in order to achieve the project goals.

Concept Design

Creating An Effective & Efficient Layout.

Whether your project requires an entirely new factory or whether it necessitates an expansion of an existing facility, the layout of the new areas will need to be planned out with careful attention to numerous important factors. 

Establishing an effective concept design requires consideration of equipment solutions, the flow of production, processes and people, manning requirements, and health and safety regulations. It will also need to take note of other factors such as shift patterns, changeover times, energy requirements, technical requirements and utilities and services. 

With all of these factors in mind and a wealth of skill and experience, we create simple CAD drawings to design the most efficient and cost-effective layout possible.

Concept Design

Programme Advice

Creating A Phased Master Schedule.

The advice we give to our clients is informed by our considerable experience. We present this advice to clients in the form of a master schedule. Considering all operational requirements from beginning to transition right through to optimisation, the master schedule develops a phased and responsive implementation programme for your project. It sets out a clear and detailed schedule for what needs to happen each and every day.

Having a phased master schedule is important for managing expectations as well as setting out a useful timeline for your project. It ensures that clients understand that it will take time to achieve their final expectations. It is important for us to convey that the process from installation to delivery to turn on to full efficiency can take several months, and that other stages can expand the timeline even further. When this phased programme is presented from the very beginning, clients can adjust their expectations accordingly and proceed along a realistic time scale. 

Budget Development

Calculating The Cost To Achieve.

Many budgets focus exclusively on the big elements of a project, such as the cost of buying land and building a factory. Although these are crucial components, budgets that focus solely on these elements runs the risk of escalating considerably once the realities of achieving a project are encountered. 

Which is why we develop a ‘cost to achieve' budget. Your cost to achieve budget includes capital expenditure costs, operational expenditure costs, one off transition costs and future state profit and loss analysis. Essentially, every cost within the process is accounted for to create a highly detailed and accurate budget. 

We consider things such as the cost of renting a new warehouse and the cost of storage facilities, the possibility of redundancies when closing old factories to open new ones, and the cost of relocation and recruitment when setting up new factories. All of this - and many other factors - are taken into account to give you the most accurate budget possible.

Budget Development

Funding Solutions

Experienced And Successful Application Management.

Funding can have a huge impact on the success of projects. Local councils, the British government and the European government all seek to create and retain jobs and avoid disruption to local economies, and therefore they all have the potential to provide funding in the form of signifcant grants and tax relief to new factory builds.

We have an excellent track record for securing grant funding to support capital investment projects. Having developed good relationships with the relevant government agencies, we have vast experience in identifying the available funds and managing the application process on behalf of clients to ensure successful application. The independent nature of our applications holds considerable credibility: we have never yet had a failed application and have succeeded in securing single submissions in excess of £10 million.

  • Produce World

    Produce World

    A £3.6 million project with a 36 week programme aiming to separate existing processes to meet demand and allow the factory to run more efficiently.

    Produce World’s mission is to provide fresh produce supply chains for selected partners in retail and the food industry services. As one of the largest vegetable growers in Europe, Produce World receive, store, grade, wash and pack potatoes for Waitrose and The Cooperative supermarkets.

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  • Samworth Brothers

    Samworth Brothers

    The construction of a new facility at one of Samworth Brothers’ existing sites was a £4.5 million project with a 34 week programme.

    The award-winning Samworth Brothers group includes nationally renowned businesses such as Ginsters and Soreen. The constant evolution and expansion of the business is testament to Samworth Brothers’ commitment to the continuous improvement of not just of their business but also the products and service they provide to their customers.

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  • Kettleby Foods

    Kettleby Foods

    A £2.5 million project set over 32 weeks saw the development and extension of an existing factory to facilitate business expansion.

    Established by award-winning food manufacturers Samworth Brothers in 1999, Kettleby Foods produces a range of high quality chilled ready meals to major retailers across the UK. Since production began with a range of just 11 pies, Kettleby Foods’ operations have since expanded to exceed over 120 products made from the finest ingredients and to the highest standards.

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  • Charlie Bigham

    Charlie Bigham

    A project undertaking improvements and enhancements at the Charlie Bigham site at Park Royal in northwest London.

    Inspired by founder Charlie’s travels, the Charlie Bigham range of fresh ready meals are created for couples with busy schedules who still want to eat delicious, authentic food. Designed in double portions, the business has built up a strong brand that has won several awards and is stocked across leading retailers and online supermarkets.

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