"Integrated Food Projects first worked with Walkers Midshire Foods in 2002, and have delivered numerous expansion projects to our food manufacturing plant to all our major capitol projects in both our sausage and sliced meats units over the period since then. They have become an integral part of our business and have gained an extensive knowledge of our operation, and the people within it. All of the food plant construction projects which IFP have managed for us have had to consider the ongoing requirements of production and the associated risks that go with having complex and sometimes intricate project work taking place along side food manufacturing operations. This has been achieved seamlessly and with the close attention to detail adopted by IFP in their approach to the management and delivery of our food plant construction projects, has always been completed on time, on budget and to the standards and quality which a centre of excellence such as Walkers Midshire Foods demands’’

Steve Crawford, Managing Director, Walkers Midshire Foods, Leicester

Integrated Food Projects have been involved with Walkers Midshire Foods (part of the Samworth Brothers Group) since 2002.

We have been involved in developing their capital expenditure plans and delivered many substantial expansion projects to the sausage and ham food manufacturing plant based in Leicester.

The projects have been carried out alongside the live production environment without further disruption to the ouput of the food manufacturing plant iself and as such have involved strict controls and detailed programming to reduce the impact of the works on the day to day operations of the company.

Sausage Expansion 2011/12
Value: £3million
Programme: 24 weeks 

Effluent treatment plant 2008/9
Value: £3/4million
Programme: 20 weeks

Ham expansion 2007/8
Value: £3million
Programme: 28 weeks

Sausage Expansion 2006/7
Value: £3.5million
Programme: 28 weeks

Ham re-organisation 2005/6
Value: £2.5million
Programme: 20 weeks

Ham slicing/packing factory 2005/6
Value: £3.6million
Programme: 20 weeks

Sausage Expansion 2003
Value: £3million
Programme: 32 weeks

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